Youth Board

We are really proud in Norwich to have a very strong Youth Board working closely with the main programme to ensure that the voice of young people influences the work of the Opportunity Area.

We are currently recruiting new members to join the Youth Board – please contact us to find out more information.

The strategic Youth Board meets monthly and is chaired by Chloe Smith MP.  This group links closely to the Partnership Board, giving their views on the main programme, and offering insights to inform decision making.

A fortnightly group of link reps from many of the schools and both colleges in the OA also meets to work on practical activities.  The Youth Board have recently designed and commissioned a project, led by The Hewett Academy, to support parents whose first language is not English with language and employability workshops, alongside a creativity and resilience programme for their children.  They have also planned a project to visit schools in areas with high social mobility to look at good practice and feed back different approaches.

In September the Youth Board hosted a celebration event to recognise the work of the wide range of partners and stakeholders across Norwich that have contributed to the work of the Opportunity Area.  They were invited in October to Westminster to  represent young people in Opportunity Areas across England, delivering a speech to ministers highlighting the challenges young people face.

We are very keen to ensure that our Youth Board represents young people from across our schools and colleges, as well as local youth groups and alternative provision.  If you would like to speak to a member of the Youth Board about involving young people from your place please contact Ryan Bedwell-Woods

You can view our child protection policy here: