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Update 7th April 2022

We ended last term on a real high, with our wonderful youth board members speaking about issues in their schools at the NOA Big Breakfast. They have had some fantastic feedback and added an invaluable dimension to the conference.

We have also made strides with our School Allotment and Wellbeing Gardens project, with The Papillon Project beginning to work with some NOA schools and assess what work needs to be done to create a functional and sustainable garden.

As always, we want to welcome more young people to our youth board so they can express their thoughts and feelings about issues in their schools and local communities. If you want to meet new people and discuss issues that impact you and your peers, sign up here

These are planned dates for NOA Youth Board meetings and events for the summer term:

Friday 22nd April

Friday 6th May

Friday 20th May

Friday 10th June

Friday 24th June

Friday 1st July

Friday 8th July

Friday 22nd July

Over the summer term, the youth board plan to set up a charity event to raise money to support Ukraine, the youth board will be invited to speak at our next NOA conference in July 2022 and we will have 2 social events (activities chosen by youth board members).

Update 4th February 2022

It is the new year, and we have exciting news for the Youth Board!

Thanks to our brilliant members on the board, we have been able to come up with three different projects that are in the process of being finalised, these are:

· School allotments and wellbeing gardens at NOA schools – with the help of a local charity, we are hoping to set up allotments and wildlife areas in schools that will be educational, sustainable and a form of escapism for students in school.

· LGTBQ+ education – Working with a local charity, we are looking to set up a programme in schools that help achieve a high standard of care, supporting LGBT+ young people, staff, parents, and the wider community.

· Anti-racism education – Working with a few organisations, we hope to be able to add schools to a network where they will be able to access a high standard of antiracism training.

We have also had so much fun meeting all our members, especially at our Youth Board laser tag social last Friday! We are always looking for more young people to come share the fun and their ideas, so come along to our meeting this term on the following dates:

Friday 11th February – Meeting

Friday 25th February – Meeting

Friday 11th March – Meeting

Friday 25th March – Meeting and social at gravity!

Share this letter with any young people you think would make great youth board members and encourage them to sign up:

Letter to headteachers here

Letter to students/ parents here

Update 14th Dec 2021

Thanks to everyone that came to our first meeting last week, you were all so brilliantly articulate and it was very interesting to hear your thoughts on the issues within your schools. We have taken your thoughts on board and are working on setting up projects to remedy some of the issues that were talked about last week.

Our next planned event is going to be a fun one! By vote of our youth board members, we have decided to go for an after school social to laser tag on the week commencing 17th January. We will have a short meeting (with snacks) and then a game of laser tag.

Please sign up by completing this form

Until then, we hope you all have a great holiday season, and we can’t wait to see you in the new year!

Update 10th Nov 2021-

We are really proud in Norwich to have a very strong Youth Board working closely with the main programme to ensure that the voice of young people influences the work of the Opportunity Area.

We are looking for new members to join our Youth Board with a range of new projects and opportunities to be involved in. We are looking for young people who want to make a difference in their school or local community.

We are proud to be working in partnership with Norwich City Council & Norwich Local Cultural Education Partnership (LCEP) to ensure youth voice is included in the Norwich 2040 City Vision.

The first project for the Youth Board is to review the Norwich 2040 City Vision. This will be the focus of our first few meetings: Tuesday 30th November, 4.30-6pm @ The Forum and Tuesday 7th December, 4.30-6pm ONLINE. Find out more here –

Our first Norwich Opportunity Area project ideas meeting is planned for Wednesday 8th December: 4.30-6pm (Shoebox Hub, Castle Meadow, Norwich).

If you are interested in attending, please fill out an event registration form here

We are delighted to have a new Youth Board Administrator join the Norwich Opportunity Area team who would be happy to speak with anyone about how to get involved with the Youth Board – contact Jan:

See more in our latest blog post here –

We are very keen to ensure that our Youth Board represents young people from across our schools and colleges, as well as local youth groups and alternative provision.

If you are happy to support the Youth Board project this is what we are looking for …

Share this letter with any young people you think would make great youth board members and encourage them to sign up.

Share messages with young people/parents via your social media.

Offer Jan an invite to come in and speak with any of your pupils who would be keen to find out more (in real life or virtually)

In September 2018, the Youth Board hosted a celebration event to recognise the work of the wide range of partners and stakeholders across Norwich that have contributed to the work of the Opportunity Area.  They were invited in October to Westminster to  represent young people in Opportunity Areas across England, delivering a speech to ministers highlighting the challenges young people face.

The Youth Board designed and commissioned a project, led by The Hewett Academy, to support parents whose first language is not English with language and employability workshops, alongside a creativity and resilience programme for their children.  The Partnership Board agreed to extend this project given it’s success.

The Youth Board planned a project to visit schools in areas with high social mobility to look at good practice and feed back different approaches. In March 2019, 35 Norwich students from Year 7 to 12 took part in a trip to Southend-on-Sea to investigate the seaside town’s rapid rise in social mobility since 2016. See more here.

You can view our child protection policy here:

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