Whoosh! By Pivotal Education

If you would like to book Pivotal for your school, email Jan Cockburn janet.cockburn@norfolk.gov.uk by Thursday 28th February.

Pivotal Education helps failing, under-performing and coasting schools make large cultural changes. It helps all schools create outstanding cultures of behaviour for learning through acquisition of specialist knowledge and skills.

The Pivotal Education programme is a whole school approach to behaviour change, which is achieved by focusing on four areas: 1) Training Senior Leaders, 2) Training Middle Leaders, 3) Training teachers and support staff, 4) Developing capacity for on-going internal behaviour support and training.

The Pivotal Education programme is designed to improve the adults’ management of learner behaviour. Pivotal teaches senior leaders how to improve behaviour policy and procedures within the school to enable consistent practice and to support and encourage staff to take responsibility for learner behaviour. Pivotal works with middle leaders to be the drivers of change within their own department and to support struggling staff in their departments. Teachers are trained to manage their own behaviour effectively to influence the behaviour of the learners they teach.  This package includes the Pivotal Curriculum for Behaviour and Safety (Train the trainers programme), which builds internal capacity and develops expertise in each school.  


For more information email  Peter Hawtin peter@pivotaleducation.com

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