What a difference a day makes – Mentors

Wanted: Mentor

Can you champion a student and support them in their learning journey? Someone who can support them through the ‘What a difference a day makes’ programme: a series of small group workshops providing focused support ahead of their Maths and English GCSE examinations.

You don’t need to be knowledgeable about Maths or English, this is more of a coach and motivational role. Are you a person they know who can motivate and inspire them as they develop through their learning journey?

As a mentor you would receive communication from us with information on what they have been learning and ways to help the student consolidate their learning; such as questions they could ask or reminders about things coming up in the programme.

For example you might receive a text asking you if your student knows how they are going to get to the UEA, do they know the bus number and stop and are they confident with this? Did they receive their free bus ticket.


Did they understand the question this week on …

Mentor event

We will be holding an informal mentor event where you can find out more about this project and how it works. There will be hints, tips and support on how to be a great mentor.

Our mentor event will be held in the Club room at the Open Youth Trust, Bank Plain, Norwich, NR

Session 1 – Tuesday 17th September -1.00pm-2.30pm

Session 2- Tuesday 17th September – 6pm-7.30pm

We will be providing drinks and nibbles so please come along so we can help you support your student at this very important time in their education.