Sharing good practice and information about each phase of a child's educational journey

Between November 2019 and January 2020 teachers from Norwich Opportunity Area primary and secondary schools visited each other to gain a better understanding of a day in the life of students in Year 6 and Year 7. Teachers shadowed pupils in class, discussed curriculum and compared behaviour and attitude expectations.

In February many of the teachers and support staff that participated met and looked at the ways that we could collectively improve the system in Norwich. All agreed that the process of visiting other schools was incredibly insightful, and is something that all school staff should make a commitment to keep doing, regularly.

To support this process, we have produced a guide to current practice around transition in the Opportunity Area, which will be delivered to schools in March 2020. If you work in a Norwich school, or a school with pupils that regularly feed into or from a Norwich school, the Opportunity Area will cover the cost of sending your staff to visit other City schools to share insights and approaches. The guide provides a good starting point – with contact details of key staff so that you can make a start today!