Improving the quality and efficiency of information sharing between schools

Schools tell us that this is absolutely key to ensuring pupils make the best possible move up to their high school.

Most schools in the Norwich Opportunity Area already used CPOMS to record and manage safeguarding information, and so it made sense to get all schools on to the same platform. Schools who didn’t have the software have been funded to implement it, and staff in the NOA who are CPOMS experts have led on sessions to share their expertise.

A transition working group has supported the development of a single form to share information on Year 6 pupils going up to NOA high schools in Spring 2020. For children moving between NOA schools this “Common Transfer Document” streamlines the process for sharing information and highlights where pupils will need support before and after “moving up”. A pilot group of schools have beta-tested the process, showing real potential for the identification of pupils that might otherwise fall through the net. Schools outside the Opportunity Area are warmly welcomed to use the same form:

NEW Updated for 2022: Now includes new information sharing for Children with Social Worker and EHCP

If you would like more information please contact Emma van Deventer

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