Building Resilience for Transition

The anecdotal evidence of our Transition Working Group around students’ low resilience, has been borne out by the findings of the SHEU surveys (2018/19) which indicate that across all ages studied in our Norwich Opportunity Area schools, between 22%-34% of pupils have low level of resilience and that this can fall for some pupils as they move up to secondary school. 

Wellbeing is also a cause of concern with 18% of primary school students and 6% of high school students in the sample having a low or low to medium score on their positive emotional state.

The resilience work undertaken across the NOA is to offer support and training to all stakeholders invested in supporting Y6 move to high school.

We have trained over twenty Emotional Literacy Support Assistants to help embed long term support to Y6s and Y7s in schools.  This offer will be extended in 2020-21.

We have put a focus onto the parent as a stakeholder and built in new resources to help them support their child in the move; Young Minds will be running a series of supportive training sessions for those families struggling with resilience; and there are resources developed from previous research to provide accessible parent information evenings in primary schools. We will be running more information events on schools and admissions too. 

Primary Resources:

These resources will enable primary schools to run an information event in February before the schools admissions allocate places and discuss parents’ key concerns: Survey the Parents before and after to see if your evening has answered their worries. Use the powerpoint to personalise the data you use at that meeting.  Print off the booklet to hand out to support your event.   

STAR Parent Survey. School concerns pdf (download)

Parent Information Event Booklet (download)

Parent Information Event Powerpoint (download)

Secondary Resources:

Ensure your parents have the contacts and information they need at their fingertips over summer in an attractive and engaging booklet, rather than a raft of A4 paper.  This template has been designed by Naked Marketing but can be used by any design agency to make your school information come alive for both new students and their carer/s.

Y7 Welcome Booklet Template (download)

Young Minds Resources:

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