Building Resilience for Transition

The anecdotal evidence of our Transition Working Group around students’ low resilience, has been borne out by the findings of the SHEU surveys (2018/19) which indicate that across all ages studied in our Norwich Opportunity Area schools, between 22%-34% of pupils have low level of resilience and that this can fall for some pupils as they move up to secondary school. 

Wellbeing is also a cause of concern with 18% of primary school students and 6% of high school students in the sample having a low or low to medium score on their positive emotional state.

The resilience work undertaken across the Norwich Opportunity Area is an offer of support and training to school staff, student mentors and even to parents.  The aims of the resilience programme are to encourage and improve students wellbeing through Emotional Literacy Support trained school staff, improve resilience through programmes in primaries provided by Young Minds, and to support parents in their expectation and understanding of the transition process, helping them make informed choices through a range of parent evenings.