An important part of Inclusion has been recognised as transition- the movement of the student from one year group or school to another.  To enable smooth transition and help to settle students, 2019-20 saw NOA implement a range of new practices and create superb resources for Y6-7.  2020-21 will see these be rolled out via the Norfolk County Council Good Practice website and through our twinning scheme with other areas of the country. Where appropriate we plan to develop some of these resources for other year groups.

We focussed on four areas in transition and each has its own resources for you to download- see below.

Improving the quality and efficiency of information sharing between schools (here)

Common Transfer Document (download)

This one easy document for secondary schools to use with their feeder primary schools, has proven to be extremely popular. A holistic and practical list of information for each child that can be completed once by the primary school and sent to each relevent high school instead of a raft of individual forms from every secondary school to their feeder primary.              

Building resilience for transition (here)

Primary Resources:

These resources will enable primary schools to run an information event in February before the schools admissions allocate places and discuss parents’ key concerns: Survey the Parents before and after to see if your evening has answered their worries. Use the powerpoint to personalise the data you use at that meeting.  Print off the booklet to hand out to support your event.   

STAR Parent Survey. School concerns pdf (download)

Parent Information Event Booklet (download)

Parent Information Event Powerpoint (download)

Secondary Resources:

Ensure your parents have the contacts and information they need at their fingertips over summer in an attractive and engaging booklet, rather than a raft of A4 paper.  This template has been designed by Naked Marketing but can be used by any design agency to make your school information come alive for both new students and their carer/s.

Y7 Welcome Booklet Template (download)

Much of the work has been around improving resilience for families to support their child’s move to high school.  Currently, the parent as a stakeholder has been largely underused in all our city schools, despite the research indicating how important their involvement to good transition can be. 

Sharing good practice and information about each phase of a child’s educational journey (here)

Transition Guide: Current Practice in Norwich (open as flip book)

Transition Guide: Current Practice in Norwich (download)

Cover Form (download)

This outlines examples from all sorts of city schools, special, secondary and primary, of the work they do around transition.  Use this to get ideas for your school; or plan a visit to see their work in action.  In 2021, NOA will happily pay cover for your staff to do this, see cover download.

Bridging the curriculum between key stages 2 and 3 (here)

English Primary (link)

English Secondary (link)

Maths Primary (link)

Teacher Survey English (link)

Teacher Survey Maths (link)

Inter school visits over January enabled staff to understand the gaps in the curriculum which could benefit from a bridging project.  The English resources were completed and are being trialed. The maths collaboration was not as robust and will be completed with the local Maths Hub leading on this in 2020-21. For all schools using the resources we want your feedback as this is being revised and improved throughout 2020-21 so please complete the short survey also listed above.

Our transition work is managed by Emma van Deventer, our Transition Project Manager, who can be contacted on and 07917 553705