Joint Transition Week for Norwich Schools

12th-16th July 2021 & 5th – 9th July 2021 for more vulnerable students

Visiting their new High school is a great way for Y6 students to get to know their new school and allay any worries they may have about going.  Most primary schools are fully supportive of their students visiting their new high school in Summer term, but find it hard to accommodate the students leaving on different days over a 6-12 week period.  To support both the high schools and the primary schools to help their students settle in, the NOA schools have agreed to hold all their transition events in the same two weeks.  It is hoped that by all Y6 being out at the same time it will help primaries prepare their lower age groups to move up to their new classrooms too.

Covid lockdown prevented this plan last year, so we will be running it again this year, and plans are in place for ‘virtual’ transition visits where possible.

An important part of Inclusion has been recognised as transition – the movement of the student from one year group or school to another.  To enable smooth transition and help to settle students, 2019-20 saw NOA implement a range of new practices and create exciting resources for Y6-7.  

Early Years has also seen a superb series of new resources developed to support children with the transition from early years settings into primary school.

To help students make the move to higher education or work, the NOA has successfully set up a network of Careers Facilitators to enable joined up planning of employers’ and other informative events for KS4 and KS5 students.  This has also helped those participating schools increase their success rate in achieving their Gatsby Benchmarks for Careers. 

2020-21 will see these initiatives and resources rolled out via the Norfolk County Council Good Practice website and through our twinning scheme with other areas of the country. Where appropriate we plan to develop some of the Y6-7 resources for other year groups, including Early Years.  

2020-21 will also see the team implement those plans we were unable to in 2019-20 because of the Covid 19 Lockdown preventing many plans happening in the Spring/Summer term, including a joint transition week, a fixed calendar date for transition events across all the city schools.

Transition in 2020-21 will be focussed on communicating good practice, evaluating the work so far, and joining up strategically on all transition elements across the four priorities as well as ensuring the NOA has a varied expert team representing all key stakeholders in Transition to support the schools’ representatives.