The Thrive Approach

If you would like to book Thrive for your school, email Jan Cockburn by Thursday 28th February.

Thrive promotes children and young people’s positive mental health & wellbeing with training and online support tools for adults to help them  (a) support healthy social and emotional development age appropriately (b) identify any unmet developmental needs and provide targeted support appropriate to each child’s individual requirements

The Thrive Approach is a specific way of working with all children and young people that supports their social and emotional wellbeing. It draws on recent advances in neuroscience, attachment theory and child development to provide a systematic approach to the early identification of emotional and social developmental needs in children and young people. The Approach also provides targeted strategies and activities to enable differentiated provision to be put in place quickly by the adults working most closely with them. Thrive training and support tools help professionals to understand what healthy child development looks like in terms of behaviour and learning and be able to recognise what a child or young person’s more challenging behaviour may be communicating. The Thrive Approach will clarify the role of adults in helping to facilitate healthy development at different stages, from early years through to adolescence. The training will enable staff to develop whole-class curriculum plans that underpin right-time development, as well as providing targeted interventions for individual pupils identified as needing additional support.  

Contact: Andy Nicholls

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