SLCN: Where can I find more information and support?

If you would like to find out more about Speech Language and Communication Needs or which organisations you can contact for support, please see our list below:

Local organisations and services for parents
(Norfolk County Council – Early Childhood in Norfolk; Child Development, Activities to do with Children from Birth to 5)
(Norfolk County Council – Home learning Talk and Play;
Activities for Children aged 0-5, Child Development Research)
(Norfolk County Council – Speech and Language;
Helpful Resources,Information on Complex Needs, Links to Other Useful Websites for Parents)
(Norfolk County Council – Early Childhood and Family Service;
Activities, Local groups and Sessions, How to get support for your child or family, Training and Courses) (Norfolk County Council – Library Service; What’s on for under 5’s, Information on using the library, How to sign up, Upcoming events) (Norfolk County Council – Family Learning Team; Family courses and workshops, Taster sessions, Summer fun)
(Just One Norfolk – Talk and Play; Activities, Quiz, Milestones, Information)

Local organisations and services for professionals
(Norfolk County Council – Early Childhood and Family Service; Useful resources for professionals supporting families, Norfolk Threshold Guide, Request for support and family support funds, Family support process, Signs of Safety model and tools, FAQs)

Nationwide charities and organisations (ICAN – Talking Point; Guide, Progress Checker, Ages and Stages, Assessment, FAQ’s, Resources, Information for Parents, Information for Professionals, ICAN Enquiry Line)
(The Communication Trust;
Projects, Policy and Practice, Resources, News, Our Consortium)

** Please see the ‘Our Consortium’ link on The Communication Trust’s website for further SLCN charities and organisations who are able to provide you with support and advice.

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