Remote Teaching

Supported by NOA, Remote Teaching Champions provide in-school capacity, research evidence-based support and bring together participants from different schools to develop a community of practice to support all students with a high-quality remote teaching offer, with a focus on disadvantaged pupils.

The project includes:

  1. In-school Remote Teaching Champions with NOA funded capacity, take the lead for remote teaching and learning across their school. Champions review and interpret research evidence into effective online pedagogy, and lead on the practical contingency planning to establish remote teaching and learning for the school and its pupils.
  2. Remote Teaching Champions network to share learning and foster collaboration in response to evolving school need, whilst providing continued support and advice.
  3. Share existing expertise, resources and learning to support remote teaching with all schools. All schools are invited to participate in the monthly network meetings for the duration of the academic year.

Remote Teaching Champions

Eligible schools were invited to source additional capacity to free up a member of staff to take on the role of Remote Teaching Champion for 1 day per week throughout Autumn 2 and Spring Term, funded by NOA.  Funded capacity was offered to NOA primary schools with the highest levels of disadvantaged students. 

The Champion role includes:

  • Reviewing existing guidance about remote teaching from evidence base, as provided by Norfolk County Council (NCC) and Norwich Research School (NRS).
  • Participate in training and support on implementation planning using EEF toolkits and support from Norwich Research School (NRS).
  • Develop their school’s implementation plan, liaising with NRS for feedback, review and refinement.
  • Set out the technical / ICT choices for Remote Teaching in their school, in liaison with NCC.
  • Lead the coordination and logistics of their schools’ approach to remote teaching within school.
  • Conduct ongoing review and adapt their implementation plan, to respond to circumstances throughout the academic year.
  • Engage with monthly meetings of the Remote Teaching Champions network coordinated by NCC to share learning, innovation and access ongoing support.

Application info for schools here

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