Raising attainment

Our aim is for all school and college leaders to work together to provide high-quality teaching to all pupils

Why this is an issue:

The proportion of primary and secondary pupils attending schools in Norwich with a current good or outstanding is low.

A significant number of pupils attend schools in Norwich that do not have a current rating. In most cases this is because they’ve been subject to intervention in the past three years. Where schools are under new leadership, they may need support to ensure that they join the growing number of good and outstanding schools in Norwich.

Driving up the standard of qualifications and closing the gap between young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and their peers is crucial for improving social mobility.

What we will do

We will:

  • Establish a Research School
  • Use the Strategic School Improvement Fund to help at least 12 primary schools and 4 secondary schools to raise attainment at key stages 2 to 4
  • Agree a plan with the Maths Hub for improving maths teaching at all ages
  • Establish a programme for school leaders to target school improvement support so that every school is accessing Continuing Professional Development training (CPD) through the programme.

Our targets:

By September 2021:

  • Attainment at key stages 2 and 4 will be in the top half of all local authority districts in England
  • 50% of 19 year olds will be qualified to level 3
  • The gap between the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and all pupils will be 50% lower than it was in September 2017


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