Our vision

delivery planIn October 2017 we published our delivery plan, which sets out the goals we want to achieve, and initial activities for the 2017 to 2018 academic year.

Our plan outlines the priorities we have resolved to tackle in order to improve social mobility.  As our work progresses in the second year of delivery we have developed our strategy along three key themes:

  1. Improving Early Years Communication – preventing the gap between outcomes for disadvantaged pupils and their peers that begins before they start school.
  2. Inclusion – creating strong schools for every child by supporting strong leadership, great teaching and helping schools to reduce exclusions through the Norwich Inclusion Charter
  3. Collaboration – linking children to life beyond school, working with local employers, the voluntary sector, parents and communities, as well as national programmes such as the National Citizen Service and the Careers and Enterprise Company to ensure that schools are well supported to prepare young people for working life and adulthood.



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