Norwich Inclusion Charter

The Norwich Inclusion Charter principles have been revised after significant consultation.  The Charter will be supported by an online framework for schools to self-assess the detail that sits underneath each of the five principles.  We intend to test the framework in the Autumn Term and launch in the Spring.

Signatories agree:

  1. A nominated Inclusion Lead, who knows every child at risk of exclusion, collaboratively leads on a long-term strategy for improving inclusion in their school with an appointed Inclusion Governor/Trustee who understands the context of the pupils and the school policies, and provides appropriate support and challenge. (roles and responsibilities)
  2. Inclusion features in the whole school development plans and policies to reduce exclusions for all children, identifying collaborative partnerships with other schools, appropriate agencies and the voluntary sector. (policy and planning)
  3. Inclusion Champion attends half-termly Norwich Inclusion Champion Group Meetings and to share good practice with partner schools. (collaboration)
  4. To share timely information between schools at all transition points including in year movement, about all children, such as existing support strategies, history and profiles through the CTF (Common Transfer Form); and put support in place to make transition successful. (transition)
  5. When identifying students at risk of exclusion, to alert the school inclusion helpline, any relevant agencies and fully engage in the Norfolk Fair Access Protocol. (FAP)

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