Communication Champions

The Communication Champions are a network of practitioners in Early Years speech, language and communication working in the Norwich Opportunity Area. The Communication Trust provides comprehensive training to enable these champions to become leaders in their own settings, delivering training to all staff to create a universal approach.

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Careers Facilitators

Careers Facilitators have been identified in Norwich high schools, special schools and City College to work together to achieve all 8 Gatsby Benchmarks. Form the Future lead a series of workshops for schools to share best practice.

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Headteachers meetings

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Norwich Opportunity Area Inclusion Charter Conference. “An inclusive culture”

Monday 19th November 2018. 15:00-18:00

This is an event for schools and partners involved in the Norwich Opportunity Area. It will feature a keynote presentation from Deborah Page, Principal Educational Psychologist / Head of Service from Derbyshire council on findings of their research into the impact of school culture on exclusion. There will also be workshops from a range of providers of whole school approaches to inclusion, which could be funded through the Inclusion Charter programme.

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