We have an ambitious plan to coordinate a city-wide transition in 2020, with a significant investment of NOA funding to support schools to collaborate and determine “what works” in terms of excellent transition.

Our transitions conference for schools and stakeholders is on 3rd July –

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Community Innovation Fund – Stakeholder Event

We have set up a new Community Innovation Fund through NOA which aims to involve parents in conversations about education and future goals, ensure conversations about different types of careers and jobs start at an early age and support certain areas of Norwich where children may have few successful role models.

The Community Innovation Fund looks for organisations who can work with children and their families to facilitate these conversations.  The £160,000 fund is intended to fund a variety of different projects across the city and includes two distinct strands:

  1. Projects that deliver activities for children and their families (primary aged children and pupils in the early years of secondary school)
  2. Projects that offer technology and/or marketing solutions in Norwich to encourage children and their families to have these types of conversations

This event invites stakeholders to find out about how they can apply for this funding, understand what projects are already taking place, and feedback what types of activities they think would add most value.  Please sign up via Eventbrite. 

Communication Champions

The Communication Champions Network is a training programme for Early Years specialists across schools, nurseries and other early years settings supported by The Communication Trust. It equips staff to address early speech and language needs, and cascade training to all staff in that setting to offer a universal approach.

For the dates of the Communication Champion training sessions click here

Careers Facilitators

Careers Facilitators have been identified in Norwich high schools, special schools and City College to work together to achieve all 8 Gatsby Benchmarks. Form the Future lead a series of workshops for schools to share best practice.

For the dates of the Careers Facilitators training sessions click here

Headteachers meetings

For the dates of the Norwich Opportunity Area Headteachers meetings click here

Norwich Opportunity Area Inclusion Charter Conference. “An inclusive culture”

Monday 19th November 2018. 15:00-18:00

This is an event for schools and partners involved in the Norwich Opportunity Area. It will feature a keynote presentation from Deborah Page, Principal Educational Psychologist / Head of Service from Derbyshire council on findings of their research into the impact of school culture on exclusion. There will also be workshops from a range of providers of whole school approaches to inclusion, which could be funded through the Inclusion Charter programme.

For more information or venue details please contact or book your place on Eventbrite-