Course Details

3 hours a week for 8 weeks – the Summer Step up programme will get you prepped for September. Working mainly online in tutor groups of around 10 you’ll develop the skills you need for Year 12.

Study Skills


Its been a tough year for Year 11 students – and probably not at all what you were expecting. With 6 months between schools closing and college starting, you could be forgiven for feeling rusty when it comes to study skills. From practical things like note taking, and getting to grips with learning online, to the important skills of setting targets and managing your time, you’ll have 5 hours of support on Study Skills with an experienced Mentor trained in supporting young people.

“Take Your Place” will also provide sessions on managing your study/work/life balance – working with you on whatever bothers you – whether that’s whether you’ve picked the right college course or A Levels, feeling anxious about possible resits or starting back at college, getting enough sleep, or how to apply for a part time job! You’ll be supported by your mentor throughout the programme – they’ll even check in to see how you’re getting on once you start college or Sixth Form in September.

Numeracy or Literacy

But you thought you’d left Maths and English behind? Most courses in College and Sixth Form rely on you having a good foundation in Maths and English (that’s why they usually insist on a grade 4 at GCSE). You can choose whether you’d like to do 14 hours of Literacy or Numeracy.

But I’m not doing a Maths course! Whether it’s feeling confident reading a graph on health trends in Health and Social Care, conducting field measurements in Georgraphy, analysing fitness test results and calculating heart rate zones in Sport or statistical testing in Psychology and Sociology – there is an element of basic maths in every subject area. Feeling rusty? Then choose our Maths “refresher” to get really confident on the basics.

Alternatively, the English skills option is a good choice if you would appreciate the chance to brush up your literacy skills. Whether you are doing A Levels or a vocational course, there will be a lot of written work, either essays or coursework. If you think your grammar might be a bit rusty, or you’d welcome some support to feel confident summarising information and writing for assessments, then pick the English refresher.