Community Communication Champions

We commissioned some research with parents in Norwich to find out how they felt about supporting their child’s early speech and language, the availability of support, take-up of the funded childcare offer, and what we could offer to promote more language interaction in the home.

The findings told us that:

  • Parents in Norwich note a lack of speech and language support groups across the area
  • Families would welcome a resource box with small group input
  • Families would like more advice on how to support their children’s speech, language and communication skills
  • Families would like advice on where to seek help and the referral route for speech therapy

In November/December we will be recruiting four Community Communication Champions to support families.  They will introduce and share opportunities and resources for parents, accompany them to group language sessions and coach and support to implement strategies in the home.  Their role will also be to gather feedback from parents to inform a study of the barriers to taking up these kind of interventions, and what works in encouraging families to engage with the interventions provided, with support from a commissioned evaluator.

If you are a provider interested in delivering speech and language workshops for families we will be commissioning in November 2018, please contact for further details.


Credit: JMA Photography