Commando Joe’s

If you would like to book Commando Joe’s for your school, email Jan Cockburn by Thursday 28th February.

Commando Joe’s Creating a Compelling Culture for Pupil Learning Behaviours programme aims to drive up standards in school behaviour management, improve pupil outcomes – behaviour, attainment, attendance. It supports social mobility by improving teaching and leadership through outcome-focused evidence, based on innovative professional development provision. This is achieved by delivering a vibrant and enriching military style training, using military core values in order to improve leadership and teacher capacity with proven strategies to manage pupil behaviour, understand effective behaviour policies leading to a reduction in exclusions. The programme will evaluate and monitor the needs and performance of both staff and pupils in order to prevent classroom disruption. The strategy for the programme is building a school ethos and culture for managing behaviour and thereby ensuring sustainability. As the working environment improves, staff retention improves resulting in the reduction of training and recruitment costs. This programme will address behaviour in order resulting in teachers being able to spend more time on pursuing the school’s core ambitions and creating a culture.

Day 1 Culture and ethos leadership day with SLT focusing on a series of activities linked to core areas of behaviour management
Day 2 Bespoke whole-school training day on behaviour management tailored to the school’s preference for inset day or 2 twilight sessions.
Day 3 A fully inclusive programme of activities designed for teacher and pupil participation.

Michael Hamilton

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