Achievement for All

If you would like to book Achievement For All for your school, email Jan Cockburn by Thursday 28th February.

Our approach is to offer schools our newly-developed programme that blends an Emotion Coaching framework with Afa’s innovative Achieving Wellbeing programme through nine half-day school-based coaching sessions. 

Developed with support from Emotion Coaching UK, the Achievement for All Emotion Coaching framework will help schools begin, develop and sustain the Emotion Coaching (EC) journey.  Emotion Coaching is an evidence approach to help children self-regulate and manage their own emotions by developing self-awareness and generating nurturing relationships.  First introduced by John Gottman and his colleagues in the USA, Emotion Coaching enables practitioners to create an ethos of positive learning behaviour and to have the confidence to de-escalate situations where behaviour is challenging.     

Contact: Lisa Knowles    

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