6 week programme for Key Stage 1 children with challenging behaviour/some fixed term exclusion or at risk of exclusion, focused on developing emotional intelligence, managing behaviour and making good choices

Mode of delivery:

  • A diagnostic visit to child in school, to identify needs and explain to the child the purpose of the intervention
  • 6 weeks x 1 full day, delivered off site, and with the opportunity for the child’s teacher/s to visit and discuss the providers approach, and how learning in provision can be transferred to the school environment
  • A follow up visit following the intervention to work with the child and teacher to support them both in sustaining behaviour change


Goldcrest Education: Nigel Stannett, nige@goldcrestoutdoors.co.uk http://www.goldcrestoutdoors.co.uk/

GroWild: Holly James, hello@kidsgrowild.co.uk http://www.kidsgrowild.co.uk

The Engage Trust: Karl Plane / Annette Walker, Karl.plane@sssfn.org.uk /   Annette.Walker@sssfn.org.uk http://www.engagetrust.org.uk/

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