Have you seen the news about the importance of careers? Can you help?

We are looking for individuals of all backgrounds, careers and abilities to support schools in Norwich with careers and enterprise activities.

You can offer as much (or as little) time as you are able to take part in sessions with local schools. The BBC have recently reported on how important Careers lessons are and the impact sessions can have on improving GCSE grades. Employer engagement gives students tangible role models … https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-48268267

We rely on support from individuals who volunteer their time to provide students with real world experiences, share their expertise or career journey and inspire children of all ages about different types of careers. There are all sorts of different ways you could be involved!

1. Support Primary School World of Work Activities

Activities that support children to explore different types of jobs and industries start at Primary school. Evidence shows how important it is to start these conversations early and provide children with role models in all sorts of different careers. For younger year groups, often careers with a uniform work particularly well. We are looking for individuals to support enterprise days and curriculum sessions over the next few months – see full details here.

2. Take part in Careers & Enterprise events in Secondary schools

All secondary schools run a programme of careers activities throughout the academic year which involve bringing people from all sorts of backgrounds and careers into schools. You could take part in events ranging from Careers “speed dating”, Dragon’s Den activities, enterprise challenge sessions, being a guest speaker, supporting students to write a CV, sector specific workshops, mock interviews or all sorts of other activities!

Please contact Hannah Colledge to find out more, or contact your local school directly.

3. Volunteer as an Enterprise Adviser

Enterprise Advisers work strategically with senior leaders in schools and college to develop and enhance their business engagement plans. If you could share your business experience, strategic expertise and contacts from your network to support schools in Norwich we would love to hear from you.

Please contact Hannah Colledge to find out more.

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