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Community Communication Champions Evaluation & Consultancy

To support parents, Norwich OA have developed a strategy to support families with home learning.  This has included recruiting a team of Community Communication Champions who each work with a target ward in Norwich: University, Wensum, Mile Cross and Catton Grove.  Champions support neighbourhoods in each of these four wards and make introductions with parents least likely to engage with support and encourage/accompany them to group speech and language sessions in their local area.  Champions also provide resources, run group sessions within target neighbourhoods and link with local resources and support to stimulate language development in early years. We are looking for a provider to complete an evaluation of this innovative work.  The purpose of this evaluation and consultancy support is primarily to determine what difference the home learning interventions have made, and whether children and parents who have been involved in the activities feel and/or derive any benefit from them.

Community Innovation Fund:  Locality & Citywide projects

This fund looks for approaches that can encourage children and their families to have conversations about different types of jobs and think together about their skills, interests and future goals. Our intention is that more conversations take place and at an earlier age, with a focus on primary aged children and pupils in the early years of secondary school.

The Community Innovation Fund has two strands: 

  1. Locality Funding – Organisations who can deliver activities with children and their parents in target areas across Norwich to facilitate conversations about the future. Activities should encourage and support children and their families to understand different types of jobs, to have regular conversations about the world of work and to think together about skills, interests and future goals.  Providers can choose to apply to deliver activity in one (or more) of the identified target wards. Partnership bids are welcomed where working together organisations can deliver a range of opportunities that meet the individual needs of one ward. Projects are expected to be tailored to meet the needs of each local area with an understanding of local need and existing resource in place.
  2. Citywide Funding – Projects across the city that can raise awareness of the importance of having regular conversations about the world of work and encourage children and their parents to think about future goals.  We are looking for innovative approaches to facilitate these conversations. Projects could be marketing and/or technological solutions rather than direct activities with children and their families. Each project should cover at least some of the NOA target wards but can be wider.

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