What a difference a day makes…

…Just 24 little hours at the UEA over 5 days in the run up to Easter studying English, Maths or possibly even both!

We took the learning from this great collaborative project that our friends in the Ipswich Opportunity Area have implemented over the last year and had a go here in Norwich. In Ipswich schools have reported that students aiming for a 4 or 5 that took part have improved their grades in school assessments significantly.

Some of our best English and Maths teachers volunteered their services to come up with a sequence of high quality lessons that target the key knowledge and skills students need to gain a strong pass in these key subjects.

The Maths team – Richard Moore and John Dempsey from Sewell Park Academy, Lead Teacher Mo Ali, and Holly, both from City of Norwich School.

Year 11 students arrived from 7 of our NOA schools – Open Academy, Jane Austen College, Hewett Academy, City of Norwich School, Sewell Park Academy, Notre Dame High School and UTC to do Maths in the morning or English in the afternoon, with a number of students committing the day to do both.

The first session has got us off to a great start, with teachers and students agreeing that its been really useful to attack these subjects in a fresh setting, with a different approach and with the chance to meet new people and see the UEA. William Bach, a student from Hewett said: “I’ve found this experience really rewarding, and its given me lots of reminders of key things ready for my exams soon, it was quite easy to get to the UEA thanks to the bus passes we were given”.

So the ingredients of a day that makes a difference?

  • 90 students keen to nail those pass grades
  • 4 Maths teachers, and 3 English teachers with some great resources
  • 2 members of pastoral staff to keep everything running safely and smoothly
  • 8 NOA headteachers collaborating, planning and sharing across schools
  • A free bus pass for the day
  • Pizza (of course!)
  • A tour of the campus at lunch time
  • Some superb amabassadors provided by City of Norwich School and the UEA

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