Are you a provider that wants to work with the Norwich Opportunity Area?


The following opportunities are now closed-

We are looking for providers who can work with primary schools to set up and deliver a programme of regular engagement activities for parents and community members.  Activities will engage parents in conversations around aspirations for their children and approaches they can take to talk about the variety of careers options at home.

Support for children who are at risk of exclusion-

We are looking for providers that can offer short term alternative provision to children from infant schools up to secondary schools that are at risk of exclusion, and require a short intervention away from school to help them reintegrate in the long term.  Schools and organisations within and outside the Opportunity Area that can offer suitable provision are welcome to apply.

Support for families of children at risk of exclusion-

We are looking for a provider to advise and support families in approaches to help their child when they find the school environment and expectations challenging; and to help develop more positive relationships between school and home where these have broken down

Application to be included on a preferred list of Providers to deliver World of Work Programmes-

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